Rangiora Eats


We deliver to:

  • Rangiora 7400
  • Fernside

Daily: 5pm-7.30pm

If you pre-buy outside of delivery hours - please write a delivery time (within delivery hours) in your checkout order notes.

We currently have a special offer of Free Delivery for order's $80 and over

Pegasus or Woodend?  To order for our once daily Pegasus Eats (Daily Pegasus & Woodend run) click here

Pickup/Drive Thru

5pm Daily from Five Stags

Contactless pickup's are available from Five Stags. 3/29 Huntingdon Drive, Arlington shops from 5pm Daily

If you buy outside of delivery hours - we will get in touch with you.

Drive Thru please come down within 20 minutes and wait for your order. 

Simply select the free "Pickup/Drive Thru" option at the shipping part of you order.

If you buy/pre-pay outside of delivery hours - please write a delivery time in your notes.

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